Alcázar of Segovia

ImageI was curious about different castles that are in Spain and Alcázar of Segovia captured my attention. With its Disney-like look and its magnificent architecture it took my breath away and I had to learn more about it! I found out that this castle has been documented to date back to the 12th century. The word Alcázar originates from an Arabian word meaning “royal fortress” and indeed it has history to make it a very famous historic site. It hosted Philip II’s wedding, but it most recently was a military academy which surprised me and the General Military Archive has been located on the upper level since 1898. The castle is located in Segovia, Spain which is located just north of Madrid. The castle was also used as a state prison which I found shocking. In 1405 the large iconic towers were added to the castle under King John II’s supervision. In 1862 during the time the American Civil War was happening, the castle underwent a catastrophic fire that destroyed precious and irreplaceable artifacts. The castle was restored about twenty years after the fire.

I wish to see Alcázar of Segovia someday in my travels. I am enchanted by the castle and its magnificent architecture and history. 



Sarah Miller- Spanish 1

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Alcázar de Segovia (Segovia Castle), Spain


One thought on “Alcázar of Segovia

  1. Hola Sarah,
    I hope you get to see the Alcázar. It is truly a magnificent site and I was fortunate to visit the Alcázar with my husband when I was still pregnant of my 2 and a half years old daughter. It is a beautiful and enchanting place. In fact, it is said that Walt Disney was inspired by its architecture to design Cinderella’s castle!

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